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Ranking the SEC after Week 11

After the 11th week of the season, we know who is bad, and we know who is probably the best. But if you want to know who the 2-7 teams are, I don’t really know. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.

1. Alabama (10-0)

The Tide is crumbling. Can’t you see it? 29-0 last week. 24-0 this week. The end is near.

Last week: ranked #1, beat Mississippi State 24-0

2. Georgia (9-1)

The Bulldogs are by no means a perfect team. They make many mistakes, but they have a ground that shows up out of nowhere and beats a team they were picked to beat.

Last week: ranked #3, beat Auburn 27-10

3. LSU (8-2)

The Bengal Tigers struggled with Arkansas. LSU has been Alabama’s biggest test to date. All we need to know, right?

Last week: ranked #2, beat Arkansas 24-17

4. Auburn (6-4)

As much as people want to disagree, Auburn wasn’t awful in Athens. They had the lead. They had their shot. But Georgia slowly took the game over in the 4th.

Last week: ranked #4, lost at Georgia 27-10

5. Texas A&M (6-4)

The Aggies needed a big 4th quarter to down the Rebels. LOL, who needs big 4th quarters to win a football game?

Last week: ranked #6, beat Ole Miss 38-24

6. Mississippi State (6-4)

Mississippi State has slowly fallen apart since beating Auburn. I guess that’s what Auburn does to teams.

Last week: ranked #5, lost to Alabama 24-0

7. Kentucky (7-3)

As I said last week, it’s now basketball season in Lexington, although they don’t look very good at that either.

Last week: ranked #7, lost to Tennessee 24-7

8. Missouri (6-4)

The Tigers did what you’d expect them to do: be just good enough to beat Vanderbilt.

Last week: ranked #8, beat Vanderbilt 33-28

9. Florida (7-3)

The Gators needed a big come back to beat South Carolina at home. For about 7 straight quarters they had been blown about Missouri and South Carolina. This win doesn’t count.

Last week: ranked #9, beat South Carolina 35-31

10. South Carolina (5-4)

South Carolina had Florida. Then they didn’t.

Last week: ranked #10, lost at Florida 35-31

11. Tennessee (5-5)

Who is this team? All they have to do is beat Missouri or Vanderbilt to go to a bowl.

Last week: ranked #13, beat Kentucky 24-7

12. Ole Miss (5-5)

The Rebels aren’t terrible. Their defense isn’t good, but they can hang with teams, and should’ve beaten Texas A&M.

Last week: ranked #11, lost at Texas A&M 38-24

13. Arkansas (2-8)

Again, the Hawgs are the best 2-win team in the nation. They aren’t THAT bad.

Last week: ranked #14, lost to LSU 24-17

14. Vanderbilt (4-6)

Dores are done.

Last week: ranked #12, lost at Missouri 33-28

Do you agree with these rankings? What did I get wrong? Leave yours in the comments.

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