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Handy Tips to Give Your Betting Skills a Boost

When it comes to sports betting, there is plenty to enjoy. America’s sporting leagues never fail to offer bettors the chance to invest in some good prospects. With all of the excitement, thrills and spills out there it is important to keep your betting in order and keep your head clear when it comes to who to put your hard earned bucks on. Here we take a look at a few handy tips to give your betting skills a boost. 

Game plan

Having a game plan before you start betting ensures that you are making sound decisions from bet to bet. Whether you are looking to get in on a game MVP, a scoreline, result or even a season winner, constructing a game plan in advance will help you to ensure that you use your money and time to maximum effect.


When it comes to sports betting, knowledge is power. Whether you get your sports education from the internet, newspapers or podcasts, it is important to take careful note of who is playing well and who is likely to be selected. A word of caution here – don’t rely on water cooler chatter or barroom banter when it comes to researching your betting prospects because you need to know more and better than those around you if you are going to be the one to get in on the lucrative action that no one else predicts. There are many spots and many sites to use when betting on them, everything from NFL picks, an MLB consensus and NHL guides are available to bettors at the touch of  button.

Don’t chase

Chasing losses is an easy trap to fall into – beware! Formulate your plan and stick to it! 

Keep your head

You may well set out with a game plan based on form, research and logic, but once you start betting and getting into the excitement of the sports that you are betting on, it can be easy to allow your heart to rule your head. Your head and your logic are your friends when it comes to successful sports betting.

Don’t be a fan

When betting on players, outcomes and games it is important not to bet as a fan. Every fan wants their team to win, and every fan has the belief that their team can win, but betting on the result you want for your team is not going to affect the outcome of a game. When you are placing your bets you need to do so as a bettor, not as a fan. 

Big events

Whilst your strategy will likely revolve around league’s seasons and the games that are played week-in-week-out, don’t forget about the big sporting events that take place throughout the year. Whether you are interested in the Super Bowl, the Olympics or tennis Grand Slams, the big sporting events can bring big wins for the bettors who take the time to research the sporting stars and the events that are taking place.

Take note

Keep a record of your wins and losses so that you can track your bank roll and also look back at the decisions you’ve made around the bets you’ve made. No one can keep a large amount of information in their mind over a prolonged period of time, so whether you opt for a notebook or an app, make sure that you have a record of your betting history.

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