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Podcast #10: Signing Day: Good. Basketball: Great. AP Voters: Terrible.

The 2nd podcast of 2018, and the 10th overall, is another grand time with @AuburnEinstein spent talking about hot Auburn basketball being held back by the man. The man is that guy in Montana that has Auburn ranked #19th.

But it’s not all complaining. We talk National Singing Day and the NCAA Selection Committee, and all sports committees for that matter, in a very favorable fashion. It’s worth the price of admission! Have a listen!

The podcast can be heard on multiple platforms:

1. On an iPhone, download the Podcasts app, and then subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

2. For those of you that enjoy the Google, you can listen here.

3. If you want to be all techy, and subscribe to the RSS feed, here you go:

4. Listen right here within the friendly confines of the Blogle.

5. Download the podcast here (right-click to save).

If you have any questions or topics that you want my next guest and I to discuss next week, leave them in comments.

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