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Top 5 Auburn Sports Plays of 2016

The 2016 athletic year for Auburn has been all over the place. Football had a better than expected year, but still had some frustrating losses. Basketball didn’t have a good Spring to end the 2015-16 season, but has had a pretty good start for the 2016-17 season. Softball was awesome. Baseball was building. Soccer won the SEC. Equestrian won it all.

Despite the ups and downs, there have been some pretty spectacular plays in the year of 2016. Three of the five are from the same game, and if I had gone to ten, you would’ve seen more plays from the same games. Needless to say, the big plays came in spurts.

#5 – Daniel Carlson’s fake field goal (Arkansas State)

#4 – Kerryon Johnson’s run (Arkansas State)

#3 – TJ Dunans’s buzzer beater (Mercer)

#2 – Tiffany Howard robs homerun (Oklahoma – WCWS)

#1 – Kyle Davis’s one-handed catch (Arkansas State)

Feel free to tell me where I’m right and wrong in the comments section below. And I already know exactly what you’re going to say, but let’s think with our heads instead of our hearts.

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