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Basketball Arena Construction Video

I love Auburn basketball, way more than the common ‘Football is all that matters’ fan that Auburn has way too many of (I know to never end a sentence in a preposition, but you try rewriting the end of that sentence without sounding like a Brit).  So you may ask why I haven’t written a single post about our semi-successful season so far. Laziness I guess. Anyway, if we beat UGA tonight for our fourth win a row, I will write something about them before we go to the Bayou to play the SEC-leading Purple Tigers this weekend. Hold your breath.

Anyway, here’s some video (courtesy of of the new arena construction, and yes, Lebo deserves to coach at least a season or two in it. After all, he’s the main reason we got it.

Auburn arena: Construction update

Post some comments on what you think about this year’s basketball team…please.

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