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Ranking the SEC after Week 8

Boy, are there are some moves in this week’s rankings. A lot happened. Blowouts happened. Teams we thought were good kept on losing. Teams we don’t want in the SEC lost embarrassingly. It was an eventful week, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (8-0)

The Tide just keeps on falling behind teams and winning in slow, boring fashion. And they’ll probably keep doing that until they play LSU or Auburn.

(Last week: #1, beat Texas A&M 33-14)

2. Auburn (5-2)

Yes, Auburn is the 2nd best team in the SEC. Right now, they are the 2nd best team in the SEC. If they play like they have the last month, they are surely at least the 2nd best team in the SEC. I don’t care who they lost to over 4 weeks ago. This is not that team. This is a ranking of teams, not what they did a month ago.

(Last week: #3, beat Arkansas 56-3)

3. Texas A&M (6-1)

The Aggies struggled against what we all knew was an extremely overhyped Tennessee. They didn’t play terribly against Alabama but I don’t think the gap between Alabama and the rest of the SEC is that large. Therefore, they can’t be the next best team in the SEC. Again, I don’t care if they beat Auburn in a close game over a month ago. Auburn has gotten much better, and Texas A&M has, at best, maintained.

(Last week: #2, lost to Alabama 33-14)

4. LSU (5-2)

Like last week, I still really don’t know what LSU is with Orgeron yet. They did beat Ole Miss somewhat convincingly, but how good is 4-loss Ole Miss? Fournette being healthy definitely makes them a different team, but we’ll have to see what they can do with Texas A&M, Alabama, and Arkansas to know what the Purple Tigers are.

(Last week: #4, beat Ole Miss 38-21)

5. Tennessee (5-2)

The Volunteers have their bye week at exactly the right time. Coming up they have South Carolina, Tennessee Tech, Kentucky, Missouri, and Vanderbilt. Get out of here.

(Last week: #7, Bye week)

6. Florida (5-1)

Tennessee’s win over the Gators is still a little too close for me these teams switched, but they probably should be. The problem is Tennessee’s schedule that I mentioned up there. Florida still has LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida State. So yeah, they’ll probably end up being below the Volunteers anyway.

(Last week: #8, Bye week)

7. Arkansas (5-3)

Hoo boy. No I don’t think they are THAT bad. I just think Auburn is that exact type of team that Arkansas can’t beat. My guess is the Hogs still win a big game or two.

(Last week: #5, lost to Auburn 56-3)

8. Ole Miss (3-4)

The free fall continues. I don’t think we can rank on potential or “well look who they lost to.” Losing to Arkansas the week before what just happened really hurts the Rebels. If they get run out of their own stadium against Auburn, we might be seeing a little karma and/or the return of the Ole Miss we all know and love.

(Last week: #6, lost to LSU 38-21)

9. Georgia (4-3)

I’m sure a week off to think about losing to Vandy made for a fun time in Athens.

(Last week: #9, Bye week)

10. Kentucky (4-3)

Look at the Wildcats with that winning record. I mean, yeah, they’ve only beaten South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Mississippi State, but I’m surprised ‘Cats. Good job.

(Last week: #11, beat Mississippi State 40-38)

11. Mississippi State (2-5)

Since being blown out by Auburn, Mississippi State has lost two games at the bitter end. It’s not a good year in Starkville.

(Last week: #10, lost to Kentucky 40-38)

12. Vanderbilt (4-4)

You beat Georgia and then struggle with Tennessee State? Come on, Vandy.

(Last week: #12, beat Tennessee State 35-17)

13. South Carolina (3-4)

Congratulations, South Carolina. You are not the worst team in the SEC any longer. It has nothing to do with the fact that #OTownKilla Jake Bentley was the signal-caller, either.

(Last week: #14, beat UMass 34-28)

14. Missouri (2-5)

I predicted this loss, but seeing it happen still angers me to no end. Get out of the SEC. (I honestly do think they’ll be removed within the next 5 years)

(Last week: #13, lost to Middle Tennessee State 51-45)

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