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Video Ribbon Boards Updated on Jordan-Hare Stadium’s Upper Decks

New 434-foot long video ribbon boards have been installed on both the East and West side upper decks just in time for the home opener against Jacksonville State.


From Auburn: The ribbon boards have been redesigned to provide more in-game data for the in-stadium viewing experience. On the far left side of the board, fans will see rotating coverage of out-of-town scores, Auburn messages and social media streams. In the middle, will be the game-in-progress information with score, down, distance and time. The far right of the board will keep running team and individual statistics for each team.

Personally, I don’t remember Nick Marshall having 888 passing yards against Alabama in 2013, but I don’t remember much from that night either. These are just one of many upgrades to the stadium that will make gameday in Auburn even better.

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Jonathan McLain 09/12/2015 at 4:44 pm

Seeing Jenkins run all over us made me miss Nick Marshall. I was a guy who wasn’t on the Nick Marshall bandwagon when he first got here, but I couldn’t argue with results. I said before the season that I wasn’t sure what Gus’s offense looked like without the read option. I still don’t know what the offense looks like. We need Carl Lawson to be healthy. Jonathan Jones was everywhere. Let’s let Duke out of the dog house. We need to see the Duke Williams we saw last year and our offensive line has GOT to step up.

Pat 10/31/2015 at 7:57 pm

As far as the ribbon boards go, WASTE OF MONEY! At today’s game the out of town scores were never updated once. Earlier in the season the teams were mismatched. Either get someone who can do this and understands college football or upgrade your cellular network so that AT&T subscribers can check scores themselves.


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