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The SEC Network Auburn Promo

The SEC Network launches on August 14th of this year. If you have DirecTV, you may want to make sure they are going to provide it. As of right now, they are not.

Today, the Network (ESPN) released 14 promos for the 14 different schools of the SEC. If you were at A-Day, you saw Auburn’s video. If you were not, or happened to be at the potty, here it is.

It’s absolutely perfect. Everyone knows about the tradition of rolling Toomer’s (or in this year’s case, rolling the entire block down to Samford Hall), but nobody besides Auburn fans really makes mention of the morning after.

You can watch the other schools’ videos here. One is especially typical. I’ll let you guess which.

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Rhett Hall 04/22/2014 at 1:13 pm

Isn’t it just amazing how much houndstooth they wear? Alabama athletics must own stock in textiles and just used houndstooth to sell to the Alabama fans because it’s the biggest moneymaker…what if seersucker was a bigger moneymaker? That would look pretty funny on gameday…


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