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Auburn in May 2013: An Aerial View

You know those old pictures from the 1970’s hanging in random Auburn establishments showing an aerial view of the Auburn campus and surrounding areas? Well now, thanks to @wardamnphil of 1L Photo, we have an updated view.

This past weekend, there was an airshow at the Auburn University Regional Airport (the site of many great events in Auburn history), which gave Phil the opportunity to hop in a helicopter, as part of his day job, and take a few shots. Among them are many views of Samford Hall, as well as the first tree-less aerial view of Toomer’s Corner that I’ve seen. They are beautiful and should be hanging in Campus Barber Shop or Byron’s Smokehouse someday.


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JR Marcus 05/15/2013 at 4:58 pm

When we win the national championship again, i can definitely see them upgrading JHS and adding more seating capacity


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