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It’s Arkansas Week…

Regardless of the records of Auburn and Arkansas at this point in the season, there are plenty of reasons to get up for the Razorbacks. On my hate list, they are at a steady #3. You know who the top two are, and yes, I have Arkansas above LSU.

Why? Because, as I’ve always said, they are nothing more than an annoying little gnat. They are always slightly talented enough to beat you, and to garner some hype, but in the end they are a significant little miscreant floating out between Tennessee and the Midwest. They have done nothing, yet they can ruin your season at the drop of a hat. In fact, I think that every time they have beaten Auburn in the last decade, Auburn was ranked and the Razorbacks were not (and probably and 2-3 more losses than the Tigers). Let’s look back:

  • 2001 – Arkansas 42, #17 Auburn 17
  • 2002 – Arkansas 38, #21 Auburn 17 (Fred Talley ran for 248 yards, and he’s still running)
  • 2006 – Arkansas 27, #2 Auburn 10 (11 am kick at Auburn)
  • 2008 – Arkansas 25, #20 Auburn 22 (How Auburn was still ranked, I do not know)
  • 2009 – Arkansas 44, #17 Auburn 23 (Oh look, another bad pass interference call)

Ok, so I was close, but the real stat is actually better (or worse). In the last decade, every single time Auburn has been ranked, while Arkansas has been unranked, the Razorbacks have won. That’s just ridiculous. That’s annoying.

I know there’s no reason to be mad at Arkansas for that. I should be mad at Tommy Tuberville, I guess. But it still makes me want Auburn to beat them 100-0 every time. Now that they may actually have a chance, with Arkansas being in disarray, I hope they do.

Just think back. Houston Nutt – hate. Bobby Petrino – hate. John LOLOLOLOLOLOL Smith – Ok, I guess I feel sorry for him. But really, they are just a big ball of things to hate. In a way they are kind of like the State of Alabama without an Auburn. They are a redneck state run by one college without another college to bring the cream to the top. It’s basically even a worse nightmare than we that live in the State of Alabama live in now. It’s just a bunch of three-day beards, overalls, and Skoal cans. Everywhere.

Given that the point of these posts are to get you mad at that week’s opponent, let’s watch highlights of some of Auburn’s most annoying losses to the Razorbacks. Hopefully, you get down, then you turn that frown into a scowl filled with enough anger to run through a wall.



Oh, and let’s not forget how they whined after the 2010 game. They claimed Mario Fannin fumbled on the goal line. They claimed the fumble that Zac Etheridge ran back for a touchdown was not a fumble. Dudes, you lost by 22. It wasn’t one play here and there. But here, let’s remember that one so we’re not just all downtrodden today. Watch the whole game here, too.

I hope to see you all in Auburn this weekend, at the WarBlogle tailgate, with pork products in hand. It’s a known fact that if you eat the opposing mascot, it surely means a win. Do it.

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