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Gameday Tweets – Samford

Even with the smallest crowd of the year, service on campus was at an all-time worst. Not that there was really anything interesting to say during a lackluster win over a Division II team. Tweets picked up after the game when the college football world exploded. I mean everybody knew that OSU, Oklahoma, and Oregon would finish the season without losing another game, but now that they have, let’s keep making asssumptions!! Hoorah!!

  • GAMEDAY BABBBBAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • I’m at Tiger Walk (S Donahue Dr, Auburn) w/ 10 others
  • Just donated to the Beat Bama Food Drive at the Student Center. Have you? #wareagle
  • Like I’ve always said, if your band wears baseball hats, just quit. #samford
  • This is rare: Samford brought their band on the same day Auburn has their Alumni Band. Three bands in da house!!!!!
  • I’m at Jordan-Hare Stadium for Samford Bulldogs vs. Auburn Tigers w/ @pensive1 @jeremygolson @johnmcfeeiii
  • WE @akidnamedCarl Chick-Fil-A bowl rep spotted on the Auburn suite level.
  • Plenty of good seats available in the student section. #wareagleanyway
  • Teams lined up during honoring of Pat Sullivan. #auburn
  • Today only… the “Heisman Trophy Winners” Collector’s Cup: #auburn
  • Well, Auburn never trailed… #wareagle
  • Michael Dyer has been the starter for only a season and a half and already as the 10th most yards in Auburn history. Think about that.
  • Now it’s Iron Bowl week. #beatbama
  • New Blogle: Auburn Honors Pat Sullivan
  • I feel that I can only talk trash about years that I have been alive. In that case, Auburn is 17-12 against Alabama in my 29 years. I win.
  • I’m at Five Guys Burgers & Fries (121 N College St, Auburn) w/ 2 others
  • Decent rolling given today’s circumstances. #toomers #auburn
  • Doesn’t he every week? WE @BMatt247 Blaise Taylor unofficially visited Auburn for the Samford game
  • Graduated from Auburn, and yes Tammy is hot. WE @DeepBunk @HeatherDThomas1 @WarBlogle betting he didn’t go to AU, and thinks Tammy is hawt.
  • WE @dragon_mccain Alabama is favored over Auburn by 6 field goals. #Oops
  • Samford. WE @hunterpearce @WarBlogle In the past 24 hrs, Bammers have been Iowa St., Baylor, USC, Ole Miss, and Miss St. fans…missing any?
  • So who else just saw former Auburn defensive tackle/beast, DeMarco McNeil, on the Tennessee sideline as an assistant?
  • How many times in his career has Derek Dooley had to end a celebration by telling his team to get back on the sideline?
  • Although it was on a much smaller scale, Oregon just got Dyer’d again. #auburn
  • When Auburn wins national championships, they just beat everybody on their schedule, not sit at home pulling for other teams to lose.
  • Since the top 3 of the BCS will consist of the top 3 of the SEC West, let’s just go ahead and throw #4 in there. Oh look, that’s Auburn.
  • Just so you’re aware, #Roadto14 is out there. Let’s have fun. I’ll go. “Sitting in front of the tv wearing 5 teams’ shirts. #Roadto14
  • Quickpoll: do you want me to RT every Bama fan that tweets me for the next week? It will be in the hundreds. But they don’t worry about AU.
  • I get out next month thank you… WE @firewillheath @amyjones17 Yeah. @warblogle & I went to high school together. One of us is still there.
  • This is real. WE @aladdington WOW!! tonight was proof that God is an Alabama fan. And that god is BEAR BRYANT!! #roadto14
  • On top and rightfully so. WE @LT3000 @warblogle In NYCand found a little piece of home at “southern” bar! #wareagle
  • Alright tweeps, Iron Bowl week gets in full swing tomorrow. Gotta rest up. War Eagle for, like, freaking ever. #auburn

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Gil 11/20/2011 at 3:25 pm

Samford is a Division 1 team, not a Division 2 team.

The WarBlogler 11/20/2011 at 9:01 pm

FCS/Division 2…tomato/tomato.

Gil 11/20/2011 at 9:13 pm

When a team, such as Samford, Furman, etc. makes it to the final game of the playoffs, they play for the NCAA Division 1 National Championship. Trust me, it is not D2.

The WarBlogler 11/20/2011 at 9:16 pm

All I hear is tomato.

Gil 11/20/2011 at 9:21 pm

I hear a writer who can’t admit error.

The WarBlogler 11/20/2011 at 9:26 pm

I wrote Division II as an exaggeration in hopes to make the point that Auburn was playing an opponent that should have not been a challenge in the least.


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