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Week 12 Predictions

This is by far the worst slate of games I have ever seen. Ever. Even the rest of the games in the nation are bad. It’s like everybody decided to play their “tune up for the end of the season game” or do Homecoming all at the same time. On the other hand, this should, SHOULD, make for a good week of picks.

Last Week 6-2
This Week 7-2
Overall: 76-20 (79.2%)


Citadel at South Carolina – When I think about the Citadel, I think about 2004 when the argument against Auburn was that they played the Bulldogs (who knew that was their mascot?). That’s right, Auburn wasn’t as good as Oklahoma and USC because they played the Citadel. That’s all that mattered. Forget that they played in the toughest conference in the nation. Forget that they had four first round draft picks. They played the Citadel, so they must be have been a poser. But I’m not still bitter…

South Carolina 41, Citadel 10

South Carolina 41, Citadel 20SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Georgia– It really infuriates me that Georgia plays Kentucky after Auburn each year. I think I’ve said this before, but I think that since Auburn (until this year) plays their two rivals back-to-back then everyone should, or at least Georgia should. It sort of makes it look like they don’t take the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry seriously enough. Oh well…

Georgia will continue to rack up wins on an easy schedule and book their trip to Atlanta becoming the most untested SEC divisional champion in the history of the conference.

Georgia 31, Kentucky 7

Georgia 19, Kentucky 10SUCCESS!

Furman at Florida – FU versus UF. Yep, that’s about all I got for this one.

Florida 35, Furman 10

Florida 54, Furman 32SUCCESS!

Georgia Southern at Alabama – The Georgia Southern Eagles aren’t a bad team. They are a perennial power in their division. And they are definitely better than the Georgia State team that Alabama played last year. Will they beat the Crimson Tide? No, but I don’t think we want them to anyway.

Alabama 27, Georgia Southern 10

Alabama 45, Georgia Southern 21SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Arkansas – Will the Razorbacks be looking ahead to LSU? I don’t think it matters. If Mississippi State gets a good drive going or looks like they may be able to pull off an upset, Dan Mullen will switch quarterbacks or something else to screw it up. It’s just what he does.

Arkansas 42, Mississippi State 14

Arkansas 44, Mississippi State 17 SUCCESS!

LSU at Ole Miss – Houston Nutt has suspended some players for this game. Really? What exactly does it take for that to happen? Nutt is on the way out the door, they’re playing the #1 team in the nation, and players are getting suspended? What it shows is that those players have probably given up, but on the other hand, what does Nutt have to lose? A moral decision to sit some players who could maybe keep the loss under a 100 points isn’t going to save your job. Oh well, you know Nutt. Always the disciplinarian.

LSU 30, Ole Miss 0

LSU 52, Ole Miss 3SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Tennessee – Vanderbilt is favored. Let that sink in. If the Vols have any heart left, they won’t let the Commodores come in and beat them. If they’ve given up on this season after all the injuries and coaches wearing orange pants, Vanderbilt could come away with a win. I know Vanderbilt is better than they’ve normally been, but I still think people are giving them too much credit just because they aren’t used to Vandy being competitive. I don’t see Tennessee losing in their own house to their typically inferior rival.

Tennessee 23, Vanderbilt 16

Tennessee 27, Vanderbilt 21SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Nebraska at Michigan – Well they are both ranked, so that makes this an interesting game, right? I told you this week was bad. I have a feeling a lot of people became Huskers fans last week after they beat Penn State. Not that the Penn State football team really deserved to lose. They had nothing to do with all this stuff. But either way, that extra mojo will help Nebraska get a big win in the Big House. That was clever, wasn’t it?

Nebraska 28, Michigan 24

Michigan 45, Nebraska 17FAILURE

USC at Oregon – USC could beat Oregon and take some of the confusion and debate out of the current BCS situation, but when does that ever happen? They’ll win a close one and make things even more confusing and frustrating, giving talk radio hosts more scenarios to hypothesize over for another week. I really can’t stand that. Well what if Alabama wins out, Oregon only beats USC by one, Oklahoma State misses a field goal at the end of regulation, LSU doesn’t show up against Arkansas…

How about we just watch football games?

Oregon 45, USC 38

USC 38, Oregon 35 FAILURE

**Upset Special**

Wisconsin at Illinois – I looked up a few weeks ago and realized that the Zookers actually have a decent record. They’re playing the Badgers at home, so that’s all I need to predict an upset. But really I just want Russell Wilson to lose another game so I can feel a little bit better about him not coming to Auburn.

Illinois 34, Wisconsin 31

Wisconsin 28, Illinois 17 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Samford at Auburn – The Twit-Fam wasn’t too funny or creative with their scores today. I guess it’s a sign of the times… #wareagleanyway

Auburn 42, Samford 14

Auburn 35, Samford 16SUCCESS!

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wluker17 11/18/2011 at 8:57 am

That 04 argument against us because of the Citadel was one of the more absurd I’ve ever heard. Never mind that Auburn was the first team to ever win 5 games against top 10 teams in one season. 6 wins if you count the top 15.

harryhood41 11/18/2011 at 2:56 pm

Oh how I love when OU fans say Aubrun shouldn’t have been in the NCG. The Sooners didn’t deserve to be on the same field as USC. 55-19. That is all.

Its ok because Oklahoma has a rich history in this past decade of showing the nation they can’t win in national championship games. War Eagle!


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