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Ranking the SEC (after Week 8)

I meant to start this last week, but I forgot, ok?! I’m also ditching the rest of the country and only ranking SEC teams this year. I mean, who cares about Big Twenelve football anyway?

1. LSU – At this point, they have played on the road, beaten, and dominated more than any team in the country, and I’m not just saying that because my butt is still sore from last Saturday.

2. Alabama – Yeah, they’re good, but they haven’t dominated full games like LSU has this season. Of course, these two teams’ spots in the rankings will end up being set by the “SUPER BOWL TO END ALL WORLD HUNGER AND PROBLEMS FOREVER” on November 5th.

3. Arkansas – I hate when people say “It’s LSU and Alabama, and then everybody else.” Guess what… it’s LSU and Alabama, and then everybody else. If Arkansas is the third best team in the conference after how they played at Ole Miss week… I mean, dang…

4. Auburn – Oh sure, bash the homer Auburn blogger for having the Tigers as the 4th best team in the SEC. Ok, have you seen the rest of the names on the list? I dare you to find a team that Auburn hasn’t beaten or couldn’t beat. Yes, Auburn has looked bad in their three losses, but remember who they were playing. People less homerific than me have said that Auburn would win the East this year, and it’s true. That being said, Auburn lands right here as 4th in the West and 4th in the SEC. The fact is that the SEC as a whole is down this year. Don’t you just love throwing that back at them this year?

5. South Carolina – I have no idea how South Carolina only has one loss. It feels like they should be down there with the Mississippi teams, but they play in the East so there you go.

6. Florida – The Gators could have been pretty good this year, but injuries and a schedule from Tusc… I mean hell has done them in. Brantley is supposedly returning this weekend, so they should be back on the up.

7. Georgia – The Bullpups are not good, but they have the easiest schedule in all of college football so they’re record isn’t that bad. They’ll lose to Florida this weekend which is why they are below the Gators.

8. Tennessee – Like Florida, the Vols probably could have had a decent season this year, but injuries at major positions squashed all of that. I think Tennessee is on the rise, but won’t be a major threat for a while.

9. Mississippi State – Are they still playing? All I remember is that they barely beat UAB. Talk about dropping off the face of the map. But seriously, have you ever tried to get to Starkville, even with a map?

10.Vanderbilt – I heard the Commodores were sending Ole Miss and Kentucky Thank You cards after this season.

11. Ole Miss – It was a valiant effort against the Razorbacks last week, but again the Rebel Black Bears got Nutt’d.

12. Kentucky – Yeah, I took Danny Sheridan’s advice and picked the Wildcats to lose to Jacksonville State last week. And I’d do it again this week. You better win the NCAA Tournament this year, or you’re out. Seriously.

How did I do? How would you rank ’em?

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TheAuburnGirl 10/25/2011 at 2:37 pm

You did good. I’d prefer to see UGA at #9, but Tennessee just hasn’t performed the way I was expecting and Miss. State is fighting their way to the bottom. So, I grudgingly support your standings.

I hope you are right about UGA: “They’ll lose to Florida this weekend which is why they are below the Gators.” UGA does tend to choke when the go to Jacksonville, but you can never count on that, unfortunately.

lj 10/25/2011 at 5:58 pm

I think you did pretty well too. I said two weeks ago if Auburn were in the East, we would be going to Atlanta in December. I just hope that we get through this year and begin to see the rewards in years to come of great recruiting. hopefully Auburn can become a reloading team rather than a rebuilding one.


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