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Week 4 Predictions

Can you believe we’re already in Week 4? We wait around all year for football to start, and just like that the season is a third of the way done. After three weeks, I’m sitting strong at 90%. I’m really hoping I get up to 92% pretty soon so that I can say “Blogle or work? What shall I do?” Ten points to the first person who can guess the reference. Post it in the comments. Let’s do this.

Last Week: 8-1
This Week: 7-1
Overall: 33-4 (89.2%)


Georgia at Ole Miss – You know, Ole Miss has looked so bad this year, especially in last week’s 23-point loss to Vanderbilt, that I actually think they might be due for a big win. Of course, beating Georgia this year isn’t really going to be considered big by most, but for Nutt’s Black Rebel Bears it would seem like winning a national championship.

I guess I’ll play it safe and pick Georgia, but I guess the real question is with the 11 am start and the deflated fanbase, will the stadium even be half full?

Georgia 31, Ole Miss 14

Georgia 27, Ole Miss 13SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Alabama – Everyone thought last season was the best chance for Arkansas to beat Alabama for a while. I actually think this might be the year. Arkansas has the offense to challenge Alabama’s defense, and Alabama’s offense is by no means special and could be held in check by Arkansas’s similarly lackluster defense.

Tyler Wilson got experience playing, and played pretty dang well, in front of raucous crowd in Jordan-Hare last season, so playing in Bryant-Denny shouldn’t be as much of a problem as it may be with most first year starters. We really just don’t have a clue how good each team is since they haven’t played any real competition in the first three weeks of the season. I guess we’re about to find out.

Do I think Arkansas can beat Alabama? Yes. Do I think they will? We’re not that lucky.

Alabama 27, Arkansas 17

Alabama 38, Arkansas 14SUCCESS!

Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State – The natives were restless after Mullen pulled Chris Relf in the LSU game. They thought he gave up. I think he was just pressing. He saw the dream season going down the drain, so he took a risk. It didn’t work. But it won’t really matter this week. I just hope State got some good rest after last week’s game. No, I’m not going to let it go.

Mississippi State 35, Louisiana Tech 10

Mississippi State 26, Louisiana Tech 20SUCCESS!

Florida at Kentucky – I might not pick Kentucky to win another game. They squeaked by in the first two games of the season, but lost to a terrible Louisville team in Lexington last week. I think Florida might be slightly above decent, and they should drum the Wildcats.

Florida 42, Kentucky 7

Florida 48, Kentucky 10SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at South Carolina – The Commodores are 3-0, but let’s not get carried away. They’ve beaten Connecticut, Elon, and Ole Miss. Normally, two of those would be decent wins, but not so much this year. South Carolina is 3-0, but let’s not get carried away. They struggled against Georgia and were very close to losing to Navy last week. They don’t seem to be the juggernaut of returning talent that we thought they would be, but they’re better than Vanderbilt.

It will be close for a bit, but the Gamecocks will pull away in the end.

South Carolina 31, Vanderbilt 20

South Carolina 21, Vanderbilt 3SUCCESS!

LSU at West Virginia – Can you say drunk? As you may know, West Virginia sells beer inside their stadium. This is not going to end well. I have a good feeling that half of the stadium will be brawling by halftime, and the other half will be passed out in their seats.

But in terms of football, LSU is better. They are not the best team in the country, as most would want you to believe (Jarrett Lee, anyone?), but they are better than West Virginia by a lot. Who knows, maybe this will become an annual SEC rivalry….

LSU 34, West Virginia 10

LSU 47, West Virginia 21 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M – Oklahoma State appears to be pretty strong on the offensive side of the ball this season. Texas A&M appears to be slightly overrated. The Cowboys will send the Aggies to the SEC (we think) dragging their hoes behind them. That is not a dirty joke. Think about it.

Oklahoma St. 38, Texas A&M 21

Oklahoma St. 30, Texas A&M 29 SUCCESS!

Florida State at Clemson – I don’t mean to take anything away from Clemson just because they beat Auburn, but I have a good feeling last week was a fluke. I think they’ll end up no better than 7-5 this season. It’s just how things happen. Auburn makes backup QBs look great, and they make teams that beat them look better than they are. It’s just how it is.

Florida State played well enough to beat Oklahoma last week and if they hadn’t lost their starting QB, they definitely could have taken the Sooners down. Florida State is better than Clemson and will win.

Florida State 35, Clemson 17

Clemson 35, Florida State 30FAILURE

**Upset Special**

Rice at Baylor – I’m not buying this Baylor hype. Sure, they beat TCU, but they also gave up 25 4th-quarter points and needed a last minute field goal to win. They were very lucky to win the game, and with one missed field goal, nobody would be giving them a second look.

Rice led Texas 3-0 in the first quarter of the first game of the season, which is honestly more impressive to me than Baylor’s almost collapse to TCU. Ok, I’m kidding. But I’m really not. Owls win.

Rice 24, Baylor 21

Baylor 56, Rice 31 FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Florida Atlantic at Auburn – According to Google Analytics, the ‘Blogle gets a lot more viewers during the week following an Auburn win. A lot. According to the amount of scores put in today by the Twit-Fam, the same could be said for them. The loss has also caused some people to go crazy based on some of the predictions. A few of my favorites were Auburn winning 446-357, 123-122, and 100-99. There was also the person that though Auburn was playing FSU. I guess one loss on Auburn’s record and one loss on their prediction record has the Twit-Fam all out of whack.

The high scores did skew the final prediction a bit, but the overall consensus was a lot of points in an Auburn win.

Auburn 59, Florida Atlantic 34

Auburn 30, Florida Atlantic 14 SUCCESS!

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Stephen 09/22/2011 at 1:17 pm

Sir ‘Blogger… You shouldn’t let the outlandish “score predictions” skew the final so much. I, humbly, put forth a motion to figure out a way to round down these ridiculous scores. Like, for example, 446-357; just take both scores and go ahead and divide them by 7; making it a (still silly but) manageable 64-51. That shouldn’t upset the final by too much and will (hopefully) encourage people to cast more “real” predictions. Just a thought…

Looking for a second for the motion to carry and put to a vote… Sorry, I was Sgt. At Arms in SGA back in the day; I’m a stickler for Parliamentary Procedure. Thanks.

T. C. Nomel 09/23/2011 at 12:09 am

You don’t have to buy the Baylor hype, but Rice? C’mon, Man! Robert Griffin and Kendall Wright are for real enough for the Bears to burn the Rice big time. FAU will not be the only Owls losing big Saturday evening.

Clay 09/23/2011 at 2:01 pm

Special K — Can’t Hardly Wait

The WarBlogler 09/23/2011 at 2:02 pm

WINNER!!!! 10 points!!!

Whatever 09/26/2011 at 3:38 pm

*Snicker*. Reading the Clemson score, yet again. Makes me laugh.


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