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Video of the ‘Tiger Tales’ Signing Day Banquet

UPDATE #2: After removing the videos two weeks ago, I emailed Jay Jacobs to let him know the purpose of the videos and to ask for his blessing in adding the videos back to the post. His response is below. I don’t like it, but I guess I can respect it.

Thank you for e-mailing me about the Tiger Tales video. We would prefer that the video not be posted on your blog as it was a private event, and the media who cover us on a daily basis were not invited and therefore did not cover it. The event is a way for our coaches to thank our top donors for their support, and we would prefer that unauthorized videos not be posted on your blog.

Please know how much we appreciate your positive coverage of Auburn, and I hope that you understand our position. Thanks again for seeking our input. As your blog suggested, there is certainly nothing to hide regarding the event, but rather it is a matter of this being a private function for our All-American Society members to enjoy.

God Bless and War Eagle, Jay

Jay Jacobs ’85 ’88
Athletics Director
Auburn University

UPDATE: Apparently some of the people who took part in this banquet are not very happy that these videos are public. They have not asked me to take them down, but for now I will. There isn’t one negative or incriminating detail discussed in the videos (not that there should be), but the whole principle of there being video from a special “members-only” banquet isn’t flying with certain people up top. This could be nothing, and if it turns out that way, I’ll re-post them. We’ll see. Sorry.

Each year, on the night of National Signing Day, Tigers Unlimited hosts a banquet called “Tiger Tales” where each member of the coaching staff gives a brief presentation of that year’s signees. Each coach shows film and a snazzy PowerPoint presentation for each of the guys that they recruited. The attendees are obviously Tigers Unlimited members, i.e. people with lots of money, and former athletes that make millions of dollars. From what I can tell, the purpose of the event is to give a thank to you those that fund the program (legally, so shutup) with a look behind the scenes at that year’s recruiting class/tactics/etc. Many stories are told and laughs are…uh…laughed.

No video cameras are allowed inside the event. In fact, to my knowledge it’s not even a publicly announced event. Good thing Brother Blogle #2 has connections and is sneaky with a camera, huh?

The first video starts with a few trophies, an Auburn celebrity or two, and then goes into Tim Jackson (Cam’s shadow) telling a very interesting story about how Chizik was going to sit Cam for the Kentucky game due to him wearing the wrong pair of shoes. After that, well just watch…

The sneakiness wore off as the night went along (an open bar will do that), so this next video is not a video at all. Someone got wind of some rogue filming that was going on, and the camera was asked to be put up. Technically it was, but they didn’t say anything about turning it off, so what you’ll see hear next is the audio of the recording as the camera sat inside BB2’s pocket when Luper and Chizik go over the Cam Newton recruitment in depth. Don’t worry, it’s all good.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the audio at the very end, but it was a good quote by Chizik and I wanted you to hear it. Listen through the static and you’ll get chillbumps.

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warbums 02/09/2011 at 3:19 pm

Pud. Leave them up until someone request you take them down. Get the notoriety for having them in the first place. Let them make it a big story.


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