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The Tigers Return From Tuscaloosa

A little over a thousand fans and I braved the cold weather to welcome the Iron Bowl and SEC West Champions back to the Plains following their win in Tuscaloosa. This team is special and we were there to make sure they knew that. The crowd was large, but just small enough for me to get up close and personal with most of the team and coaches. I held Gene’s hand for a good three seconds, and nothing but a car window separated me from Cam has he was driven off.

Here’s the whole thing in video format. You’re welcome.

Mobile readers view it here.

It was also a pretty eye-opening experience for me. I heard things like “WarBlogle, Show Your Face!” and “You’re WarBlogle?!”. I’m not sure if I’m proud, humbled, or scared, but I didn’t realize people really paid attention to my blog and my tweets.

Seriously though, I met some really nice people that said really nice things. Glad to see there are some people out there that seem to like what I do.

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