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Week 4 Predictions

Sorry these are a late, been fighting Bammers’ comments all day. Go back me up.

This Week: 6-2
Last Week: 6-3
Overall: 33-7 (82.5%)


UAB at Tennessee – UAB should be 0-3. Tennessee is not near as bad as everybody says they are. Tennessee wins big.

Tennessee 41, UAB 10

Tennessee 32, UAB 29SUCCESS!

Alabama at Arkansas – What’s Arkansas’s strength? Passing. What seems to have been Alabama’s weakness this year? Passing defense. That could make for a very exciting game. Will the unthinkable happen? I think so…but Arkansas’s defense is so bad. There might be 100 points scored in this one. Who to pick….? Ok, I’m doing it.

Arkansas 30, Alabama 23

Alabama 24, Arkansas 20FAILURE

Kentucky at Florida – Kentucky thinks this is their best chance to beat Florida in years, actually decades. It won’t happen. A down Florida is better than an up Kentucky, but it will be closer than usual.

Florida 31, Kentucky 20

Florida 48, Kentucky 14 SUCCESS!

Georgia at Mississippi State – Mississippi State is actually favored in this one, and that is blowing some of the talking heads’ minds. Do you blame Vegas? The red Dawgs haven’t played well all year, outside of the UL-Lafayette beatdown.

Mississippi State isn’t as bad as they looked against LSU last week. Five interceptions were to blame. If the maroon Dawgs can hold onto the ball, Mullen could finally get his signature win, and I think he will.

Mississippi State 17, Georgia 10

Mississippi State 24, Georgia 12 SUCCESS!

Fresno State at Ole Miss – It’s going to be hard to pick the Rebels in any game for the rest of the season, and I’m not doing it in this one.

Fresno State 27, Ole Miss 23

Ole Miss 55, Fresno State 38FAILURE

West Virginia at LSU – The Guinness Book of World Records might want to make a trip to Baton Rouge this weekend. I’m pretty sure the record for the amount of alcohol consumed over a 24-hour period within in a mile radius could be broken. Either that or most un-bathed humans on a college campus at one time.

LSU has to lose a game eventually. West Virginia isn’t as good as they’ve been in recent years, but I think the ‘eers finally give the Hat a much deserved loss.

West Virginia 24, LSU 23

LSU 20, West Virginia 14SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Stanford at Notre Dame – Stanford is actually pretty good this year. They are going to challenge Oregon for the Pac-10 title. Notre Dame is still reeling from last week’s OT loss. Luck won’t need luck. The Cardinal will give the Irish their third loss of the season.

Stanford 38, Notre Dame 20

Stanford 37, Notre Dame 14 SUCCESS!

Oregon State at Boise State – As I expected, the Boise lovers have been back in full force only a week after Virginia Tech’s loss to James Madison, which means Oregon State absolutely has to win this game. They won’t, even after practicing on painted blue practice fields.

Boise State 31, Oregon State 14

Boise State 37, Oregon State 24 SUCCESS!

Twit-Fam Prediction

South Carolina at Auburn – Kind of a low turnout this week. I think people are still getting over Clemson. I hope they realize this game is actually much more important. I hope the low amount of predictions isn’t indicative of the effort that will be given by fans and players this weekend. Anyway, here’s the average prediction:

Auburn 26, South Carolina 19

Auburn 35, South Carolina 27 SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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