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Week 3 Predictions

I was perfect last week, including a perfect pick on the Florida-South Florida game (38-14). My Twit-Fam even predicted correctly as well. No, that pick won’t be calculated into my percentage, before you start thinking that I would sneak it in there.

This Week: 6-3
Last Week: 10-0
Overall: 27-5 (84.4%)


Akron at Kentucky – I’m still waiting for the Wildcats to play a real team, or even an SEC team. Until then I won’t be able to make a proper assessment of how many dozens of points Auburn will score on them while exacting revenge for last year.

Kentucky 30, Akron 10

Kentucky 47, Akron 10 SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at LSU – A worse Mississippi State should have beaten an equally mediocre LSU last year. All the guy had to do was stick his hand out. Some are saying that the Bulldogs could win this one, but remember that they are playing in Death Valley…WHERE NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE….wait, what? Les Miles is still our coach? Dang it….

It will be close, but a good Mississippi State still isn’t as good as a bad LSU.

LSU 21, Mississippi State 17

LSU 29, Mississippi State 7 SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss – Yawner…I don’t really know what to type. I couldn’t care less either way. Ole Miss will continue to get better? Sure…that’s it. You can only go up from where they were two weeks ago, right?

Ole Miss 31, Vanderbilt 7

Vanderbilt 28, Ole Miss 14 FAILURE

Furman at South Carolina – Apparently the world is sold on South Carolina after beating a bad team and an average-at-best, missing their best player, team. Lattimore may be good, but I’m pretty sure I could get a bunch of yards if it was given to me 37 times, too. He’ll definitely lead the nation in 2-yard touchdown runs, though. I’m not saying he’s not good, but I wouldn’t say he’s done enough to prove what’s being said about him.

South Carolina 56, Furman 13

South Carolina 38, Furman 19 SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Georgia – Arkansas led UL-Monroe by a touchdown (7-0) at halftime last week. They went on to win 31-7, but given the amount of hype that Ryan Mallet and the Arkansas offense received this off-season, shouldn’t they have been leading 31-7 at the half?

Georgia still won’t have A.J. Greene, but they have at least played some SEC competition. Arkansas hasn’t played anyone inside the top-100. This game will be close based on that fact alone. It will take a while for Arkansas to remember what playing SEC football is like, but once they settle in, they will take the lead late in the game. For some reason, though, I see Georgia winning in a crazy finish.

Georgia 34, Arkansas 30

Arkansas 31, Georgia 24FAILURE

Alabama at Duke – I’ll take Duke in this one, 70-45, shooting 17-23 from behind the arc. Ok, that wasn’t original, but I really don’t care.

Alabama 38, Duke 7

Alabama 62, Duke 13 SUCCESS!

Florida at Tennessee – Well, Florida was supposed to kill the Vols last year, with a better team, and it ended up being close (23-13). This time it’s in Neyland Stadium, and with the Gators still not looking like the usual Gators after two weeks, I think this one could be close as well. Also, the Vols did play Oregon pretty close for a little while last week. I don’t think they’re gonna end up being that bad, but they like Mississippi State-LSU, a good Tennessee isn’t as good as a struggling Florida.

Florida 27, Tennessee 17

Florida 31, Tennessee 17 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Texas at Texas Tech – The sexy thing to say is that Texas Tech over Texas is a sexy pick. Tubby can coach up a team in a big game, but the Red Raiders are talking about doing a “Silent Scare” this weekend against the Longhorns. That’s just stupid. Sorry Tubs.

Texas 20, Texas Tech 10

Texas 24, Texas Tech 14 SUCCESS!

Iowa at Arizona – Some said that ESPN’s Gameday should have gone to this game because both teams are ranked. Here’s the thing, Iowa is not a top-10 team, and Arizona will be 5-7 by the end of the season. ESPN knows what they are doing.

Iowa 28, Arizona 10

Arizona 34, Iowa 27FAILURE

Twit-Fam Prediction

Clemson at Auburn – I got a lot of predictions in today. Not one picked Clemson, which means not one Bammer sent in a prediction. Here’s the average score of your picks:

Auburn 31, Clemson 17

Auburn 27, Clemson 24SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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