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Week 2 Predictions

Last week was decent. Boise hurt me a little bit, but overall, 85% isn’t too bad. If you tend to get bored by most of my predictions, and don’t usually make it to the last one, at least skip to the bottom to read the new “Twit-Fam Prediction” section.

This Week: 10-0
Last Week: 11-2
Overall: 21-2 (91.3%)


Georgia at South Carolina – This one could be called the battle of the “we’re reading too much into their first game” teams. South Carolina beat a bad Southern Miss team in week 1, and the Bulldogs handled the always feisty UL-Lafayette. Everyone jumped on the South Carolina bandwagon following their win because for the last four years, everyone in the media has been dying for the Gamecocks to field at least an average team. For some reason Georgia is picked to be a surprise team, but like the last few years, they are overhyped. They will be without A.J. Greene, which will make the fact that their redshirt freshman QB is playing his first road game even worse.

The Gamecocks  might be better than the ‘Dawgs, but that’s not saying much about either team.

South Carolina 24, Georgia 20

South Carolina 17, Georgia 6SUCCESS!

South Florida at Florida – This isn’t the same South Florida that we’ve learned to live with over the last few years. The Bulls are Leavitt-less and will probably flounder around for the next season or so. They did beat Stony Brook last week though.

On the other hand, this isn’t the same Florida we’ve known for years either. The Gators are Tebow-less and floundered around for most of last week’s win over Miami (OH). The center-to-quarterback exchange should not be the biggest challenge of the game, but it was for Florida last week.

Regardless of how bad the Gators seem, the talent will win.

Florida 38, South Florida 14

Florida 38, South Florida 14SUCCESS! **PERFECT PICK!**

UL-Monroe at Arkansas – Geez Razorbacks, don’t hurt yourself. Tennessee Tech AND UL-Monroe in back-to-back weeks to open the season?! Living on the edge I see. I know the Warhawks beat Alabama a few years ago (yes, it will be mentioned anytime I can find an opportunity), but they aren’t going to help your strength of schedule. Join us next week won’t you?

Arkansas 51, UL-Monroe 13

Arkansas 31, UL-Monroe 7 SUCCESS!

Penn State at Alabama – Did you know Alabama is better without Mark Ingram? They don’t even need him. Trent Richardson actually won the Heisman last year, but demanded they give it to Ingram to be nice to the guy.

Penn State has a true freshman quarterback. So yeah…

Alabama 28, Penn State 14

Alabama 24, Penn State 3 SUCCESS!

Oregon at Tennessee – Tennessee had to have a hygiene specialist come in and show the team how to take a shower. I’m not kidding. Read this. If you don’t’ know how to shower, you don’t’ know how to win a big game. That’s always been my motto.

Oregon should easily handle the Vols, and show them that UT-Martin is the only reason they won 50-0 last week.

Oregon 42, Tennessee 7

Oregon 48, Tennessee 13SUCCESS!

LSU at Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt played Northwestern a little closer than I thought they would last week. LSU collapsed exactly like I thought they would last week.

It’s still Vandy. It would be hard for Les Miles to mess this one up, but here’s hoping.

LSU 31, Vanderbilt 10

LSU 27, Vanderbilt 3SUCCESS!

Western Kentucky at Kentucky – Kentucky beat Louisville, which isn’t saying too, too much. Western Kentucky got throttled by Nebraska as we should expect. Something else we can expect is a pretty boring football game.

How do you think Western Kentucky feels about Kentucky just thinking they can completely claim the whole state? It won’t matter. ‘Cats win big.

Kentucky 34, Western Kentucky 3

Kentucky 63, Western Kentucky 28SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Tulane – Quick, before last week, who would win, Tulane or Jacksonville State? We’d all probably pick Tulane, just based on the whole 1-A/1-AA thing right? That whole division thing didn’t seem to bother the Gamecocks last week though as they upset Ole Miss in overtime. Sure, it was kind of fluky with the Rebels giving up 21 points in the 4th quarter. That’s not going to happen every week, and probably not terribly indicative of how they will play all season, but still…

Now for this week, put yourself in the Ole Miss players’ shoes, you lose to a 1-AA opponent, then the next week you have to go on the road to play Tulane. Yeah, you’re gonna play in the SuperDome, but it will probably be in front of about 25,000 fans. In this case, that’s probably worse than the Rebels going on the road to play LSU or Auburn. There’s no way they can get up for this game, but they can’t lose to two inferior(?) opponents two weeks in a row can they? Can they?

Ole Miss 20, Tulane 17

Ole Miss 27, Tulane 13 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Florida State at Oklahoma – Oklahoma didn’t look too great against Utah State, and the Seminoles blew out Samford. Is Oklahoma that bad? Is Florida State that good? If this one was being played in Tallahassee, I would definitely go with the ‘noles. However, I don’t think they are to the point of being able to beat a dog-cussed and angry Oklahoma team at home.

Oklahoma 24, Florida State 14

Oklahoma 47, Florida State 17 SUCCESS!

Miami at Ohio State – Are there any bigger Miami fans than the Boise State fan base this week? They could literally book their plane tickets to Glendale if the Hurricanes can knock of the Buckeyes. That might be a stretch, but I had to whine about it a little more.

We’ll see how good each team is in this game, and probably pretty quickly. My bet is that Ohio State is actually decent this year, and Miami still has a year or two to go to get back to the elite.

Ohio State 21, Miami 10

Ohio State 36, Miami  24 SUCCESS!

Twit-Fam Prediction


Auburn at Mississippi State – Given that my Auburn game predictions are now included in my previews, I decided that I would give my “twit fam” a chance to voice their predictions on the ‘Blogle’. Last night, I asked for your predictions and got a pretty big response. All but one were Auburn fans, obviously, and all but one picked the Tigers to win. Guess who picked Mississippi State in the ever-so-original score of 3-2. He also called Trooper Taylor a joke, if you want to go talk to him.

There were too many to list, so I’ll just give you the average score. Sorry to the one tweeter that gave this prediction: “AU: Eleventybillion, Misspookipsee Skate”. I couldn’t use yours because I’m not sure what eleventy-billion looks like in number form, and I didn’t want to skew the results too badly.

Auburn 36, Mississippi State 21

Auburn 17, Mississippi State 14SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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