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From the Other Sideline – Alabama

reierTravis Reier (Twitter) writes for When asked if he would answer some questions for the ‘Blogle, he agreed. I sent him the list of questions you see below, and he told me that he would be happy to answer questions about the game “that are of substance”, but wasn’t “interested in getting into the fans vs. fans stuff.” I told him that was fine, and asked if he would just answer the “questions of substance.” He responded with answers to all of my original questions in complete Bammer-tastic fashion.

I was very shocked that such an objective writer with high literary morals would do this considering that he has posted tweets such as “It’s Oh-bun week. Short week means AU gets extra day prep for Liberty Bowl.” If you’re gonna be homer, just do it man. Just do it. Do you see objective written anywhere on these blog walls?

1. What is the first thing that pops into the heads of Alabama fans when Auburn football is mentioned?

Napoleon syndrome.

2. Are you an Alabama fan, and if so, why?

Well, duh, I live in the state of Alabama. Why would I pull for an out-of-state school?

3. What are Alabama fans’ expectations for the Iron Bowl?

Iron Bowls were played in Birmingham. As for the Alabama-Auburn game, I think UA fans expect a toilet paper-free walk back to their cars Saturday evening.

4. Do ‘Bama fans realize that they have beaten Auburn when they weren’t supposed to and Auburn has beaten Alabama when they weren’t supposed to?

Good point. The difference is, Alabama fans expect to beat Auburn every year.

5. What are Alabama fans’ expectations for the SEC Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl?

With 21 SEC titles in the case, they expect to win No. 22 (as in Mark Ingram). As for the Sugar Bowl, they’ll probably have some good advice for Florida fans making the trip.

6. Who are two generally unknown Alabama players that Auburn should look out for?

Running back Eddie Lacy and outside linebacker/defensive end Ed Stinson. Both are redshirting, but you’ll become acquainted with them soon enough.

7. What is your prediction for the game?

Alabama 27, Auburn 16. Too much Ingram and Richardson for one of the SEC’s worst run defenses. Auburn’s top two defensive players — Tracy Rocker and Quentin Riggins — are my age and will be on the sidelines.

8. Where do you think Auburn and Alabama will end up in the post-season?

Alabama: somewhere warm. Auburn: pack a parka.

9. Why do ‘Bama fans think Nick Saban cares about Alabama at all? Don’t they realize that it took the highest salary of any college football coach at the time to lure him to Tuscaloosa?

Saban cares about winning at the highest level. And Alabama fans don’t care if he doesn’t wear houndstooth boxers while doing it.

10. Do ‘Bama fans actually think houndstooth looks good or is it one of those things where they think it’s ugly so it’s funny to wear it?

It doesn’t have the same appeal as florescent orange Carhart coveralls, but what are you going to do?

11. Out of all of the ‘Bama fans in the world, how many do you think have actually attended the University of Alabama, or better yet seen the inside of a classroom past the 8th grade?

My guess would be anywhere between 36 and 0.

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ballrun44 11/25/2009 at 12:42 pm

A few comments:
1. With that much confidence I would be worried if I were a Bammer guy.
2. Almost all visitors to the Loveliest Village park in the opposite direction from Toomer’s Corner. He is right, Bama fans WILL NOT have to worry about the toilet paper (unless they want some good lemon-aid).
3. He’s right about Bama not caring if their coach even “likes” the school – winning isn’t everything at UA – it is ABSOLUTELY everything. Class, integrity, morals, etc are for good quality institutions.
4. Auburn is in Alabama (the state) but are there are better reasons to pull for a team (class, integrity, morals, etc – see above comment). Bammers don’t care – period dot.
5. A better way to phrase question 11 would have been: What percent of Bama fans actually attended the University? The answer would be a very very small amount. Bama fans only wear orange when killing animals – which is practically every day except for 13 Saturdays per year!

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JackTheRabbit 11/25/2009 at 1:22 pm

So Bama fans are gonna give UF fans some advice as far as the best way to handle losing to a MWC team?


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