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Gameday Tweets: Auburn 55, Tennessee 23

WarBlogle_twitterI decided to take 4-year-old @BabyBlogle on his 2nd ever road game on a “boys only” trip. We drove up Friday, stayed right outside of Knoxville, and woke up early Saturday to get on campus. Even with 100,000 fans (with a big percentage being Auburn fans in blue), I had zero service issues. While I didn’t get as many tweets out as I would like because, you know, I was tending to a 4-year-old who had more fans than Gus Malzahn, I still got out a good many.


During game:

  • Both of Auburn’s scoring drives have been two plays. #wareagle
  • For those not in Neyland, you are missing the 47th on-field presentation since kickoff. Somebody just got called an “athletic supporter.”
  • Yes.
  • If you call that a drive, Auburn has scoring drives of 2, 2, and 1. #wareagle
  • The mass orange exodus has begun. #auburn #BEATVOLS
  • It’s fun to have the ability to work on backups in a SEC road game. #auburn #BEATVOLS
  • Auburn wins 55-23. 9-1. #wareagle #BEATVOLS


  • “We KILLED Tennessee.” – @BabyBlogle #auburn
  • Reverse reverse Tiger Walk outside Neyland. #auburn
  • Just to make you mad. WE @RustyStiles: @WarBlogle Why does your kid son have a twitter?
  • This day just keeps getting better… (@ Gatti’s Pizza)
  • @MattScalici @blakeells An Alabama win is in Auburn’s best interest, as much as I don’t want to see it.
  • Auburn has now beaten Tennessee six straight times. Tuberville’s take:
  • Nick Marshall receives a figurative game ball from Brad Edwards on ESPN Radio College Gameday. #wareagle
  • Grant wasn’t even Marshall Hendersoning or anything. WE @fowlertheshiz: @WarBlogle Tennessee keeping it classy today
  • Hey @jppalmCBS, give us a little sneak peek before tomorrow. Auburn in Liberty Bowl, right?
  • Eli Gold uses many words that I’m sure most of the people listening to the broadcast don’t understand.
  • I take more offense to this than a real football comment. WE @YahooForde: Alabama pregame hype video is the best in the nation.
  • Hey, that was me!  WE @ascottpvb: @WarBlogle somewhere I read that Auburn should run for 400 yards today. Zat u?
  • Trying to pump this game as anything it was a few years ago is like acting like a Skynyrd concert today is the same as yesteryear.
  • I know you didn’t like seeing Alabama win tonight, but you’ll like seeing what Auburn beating an undefeated Alabama does. #wareagle
  • Florida lost to Vandy today. There’s no way CBS is picking their game next week. Unless Auburn turns it down, Georgia game will be 2:30.
  • There is one thing that could keep CBS out of Auburn next week and that’s the fact that they will be there for the Iron Bowl 2 weeks later.
  • 9-1 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #auburn #bedtimepoetry

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