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Interesting Tidbits after Kentucky

I will attempt to stay away from last Saturday’s debacle with today’s tidbits, but I’m sure something will show up about it somewhere.

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ZDAlsobr 10/19/2009 at 12:33 pm

Answer to next to last tidbit: if his shoulder is shot (as it looked Saturday night) then Neil or Kodi…Would say Tyrikk, but no point burning his RS at this point.

I just hope Todd is being truthful about it. His arm looked like it reverted back to last year…which is making his decision making also so revert.

Hope I’m wrong & he’ll return to early season form down on the bayou. We will only win 1 more game if we can’t throw for more than 90 yards. Offense HAS to be balanced.

jess 10/19/2009 at 4:43 pm

hmmmm….. anyone. i would’ve been fine with burns not throwing it ever and running with tate, mccallebbbb, eric smith, fannin, and burns himself. tate had 130+ yards and we fucked it all with our ineffective passing.

oh, and why did malzahn throw in the towel on that last drive???? we all knew that pass wouldn’t work, as it hadn’t all game, so why didn’t we use the time we had and the parts of our offense that were working (tate) and try for a first down. i’m disappointed in todd’s passing the past two weeks, but i’m also curious about malzahn’s offense when the shit hits the fan as it has been. i’m not sure if he’s a good coach when he’s down and struggling, which is an important part of it all. when his zanny plays are working he’s heralded, but when they ain’t he doesn’t seem to know what to do and he throws a bunch of shit against the wall hoping it will stick.


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