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From the Other Sideline – Kentucky

mattjMatt Jones (Twitter) of Kentucky Sports Radio was kind enough to answer a few questions for this week’s ‘From the Other Sideline’. Matt is a Gemini, loves Toaster Strudel, and talks trash about Auburn basketball. His outlook on Kentucky football isn’t that bright, but that’s to be expected right?

1. What is the first thing that pops into the heads of Kentucky fans when Auburn football is mentioned?

In recent years we haven’t played Auburn very often…only two times in the last 14 years. So our notion of Auburn isnt much different than the national perception. I think of Bo Jackson, Pat Dye, Terry Bowden and the fact that lots of people from Kentucky go to Auburn for veterinarian school. I also like Auburn Elvis…he seems like a good guy.

2. How do you think the loss of Mike Hartline will affect Kentucky’s game plan until his return. How do you think that plan looks against Auburn?

Well its devastating. I firmly believe that Kentucky beats South Carolina last week if he doesnt get hurt. Now you have a choice between a career backup QB (Will Fidler) and a true Freshman (Morgan Newton). Bottom line, if Kentucky is in the game, they run the Wildcat with Randall Cobb and hope.

3. What are Kentucky fans’ expectations for the rest of this season?

The schedule kills UK this year. Their winnable games against teams that are better but you can knock off if you play them at home (South Carolina, Auburn, Georgia) are all on the road. And the teams they cant beat no matter what (Florida, Alabama) were at home. Cat fans want to go 6-6 and make a bowl…that is still possible.

4. What are Kentucky fans’ expectations for this game?

Try not to get anyone else hurt. Two starting cornerbacks are down, two OL are down and the starting QB is down. We cant take anymore. And also hopefully get good pictures of Auburn co-eds…there arent many online actually.

5. Who are two generally unknown Kentucky players that Auburn should look out for?

Since virtually all UK players are unknown, I would say the keys are Randall Cobb and Chris Matthews. Cobb will run out of the Wildcat a great deal and he is the most explosive player on the team. Matthews is a future NFL wide receiver who hasn’t had a break-out game yet….if the Cats will have any chance of getting the passing game going, this has to be that game.

6. What is your prediction for the game?

I would say Auburn wins, but how much depends on what they are able to do in the passing game. Our secondary is depleted and our All-American CB is out. If Auburn’s passing game is strong, they may blow us out. However if the Cats can keep the game in the trenches, it will probably be 24-28 points for Auburn. As for our offense, who knows…no one that is playing has ever played before. So lets say 24-7 Auburn.

7. What do you think Auburn and Kentucky’s final records will be?

I don’t know about Auburn’s schedule, but I would guess something like 7-5, 8-4. UK will beat Vandy, Mississippi State, La Monroe and Eastern Kentucky to finish 6-6 and play in the Papa Johns Bowl down in your neck of the woods. I think they are actually better than a 6-6 team, but the schedule was brutal this year.

8. How will it feel when Auburn puts a basketball score on the scoreboard this weekend against the Wildcats?

If that happens, it will be interesting. But here is a better question. Will you all score more points than you have fans at your average home basketball game? Discuss….

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auburnelvis 10/19/2009 at 11:06 pm

Hey, nice shout-out Matt! I think you’re a good guy too.


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