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Coach Watch ’08 – Stories are Rampant

**Update on Spurrier** – Word on the street is that Spurrier only wants to commit to 3 years, Auburn wants 5, and Spurrier wants to be able to name his successor which will more than likely be his son. I don’t like that. Settle on 4 years and let him have some input but no real decision-making ability. I’ve gotten a lot of texts expressing disgust with the idea of Spurrier taking over. I think I would be ok with it. Let him have a few years to get some good recruits and give us 4-5 years to find a worthy successor.

WSFA of Montgomery is reporting that Auburn MAY be close to offering Steve Spurrier the head coaching position. Also, Syracuse looks set to hire Doug Marrone, Offensive Coordinator of the New Orleans Saints, which means that Turner Gill is still out there. Speaking of Gill, it sounds like he isn’t going to be at Buffalo next year, so where’s he going to be? Does this mean there is something in the works with Auburn…maybe a coach in waiting position under Darth Visor?

And now Fox 10 in Florida is almost positive that Muschamp is the man, and it will be announced tomorrow. I’ve actually heard this from three sources now before this story came up.

This is getting fun. What do we believe?

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the_source 12/11/2008 at 11:05 pm

I’m still sticking with Gill. I’ve been saying it and saying it. I think Jacobs is done with his public interviews and now he’s going after the longshots, but by the end of it Gill will be the next coach.

philpepe 12/12/2008 at 8:49 am

I agree, bring on Gill, let’s keep the class!


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