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Coach Watch ’08

JackTheRabbit weighs in on Coach Watch ’08.

  • Turner Gill (Buffalo) – For what the public knows, Turner Gill is the leading candidate as of right now.  Multiple internet sources have already claimed that Auburn has conducted a phone interview and will take part in a formal interview soon.  Keep in mind Gill has interviewed for the Syracuse job, which for him is a lot closer to home, but several reports are coming out that Skip Holtz (who also interviewed) will accept the job and be announced Syracuse’s new coach on monday.
  • Jimbo Fisher (FSU OC) – As more time goes by, Jimbo Fisher’s name becomes more distant from the Auburn coaching job.  While it might be a place he would want to go, there is just too much already in place at Florida State to where it wouldn’t make sense for him to leave.  Not only is his buyout $5 million, but last year’s revision to Fisher’s contract include more offensive duties and includes a clause stating that if Bobby Bowden doesn’t step down by 2011 then Fisher will make a $2.5 million incentive.
  • Brady Hoke (Ball State) – This is a name that hasn’t been talked about much until recently.  According to ESPN Hoke will conduct an interview with Auburn soon.  Ball State posted a (12-1) season so far but lost to Turner Gill’s Buffalo team in the MAC championship game 42-24 and will miss out on a BCS at-large bid.
  • Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech) – Not much has been heard as far as Johnson’s interest in the Auburn job. One thing’s for sure, all the talk is playing in Johnson’s favor as Johnson will meet with GT officials to renegotiate his contract on monday.
  • Will Muschamp (Texas DC) – This was a name thrown around after Tuberville’s resignation, but much has been said from the Texas camp to make sure people know that Muschamp isn’t going anywhere.  However, Bryan Matthews at Rivals keeps talking about Muschamp still being in the mix.  I don’t think though that Muschamp would give up $900,000 a year and the HC job at Texas to come back to Auburn.

Here are several names that you can rule out (according to multiple internet sources): Bobby Petrino, Houston Nutt, Derek Dooley, and Mike Leach

Also, several sources told me the other night that Spurrier was in Auburn.  However, it was to rercruit a player from AHS.  I still doubt he was even here, I just think it’s funny that whenever a coaching job becomes available everyone starts talking about Steve Spurrier.

I’m really beginning to think that before the end of the week the list is going to change dramatically.  It seems like Jacobs has done a good job at keeping the coaching search hush hush.  We will definitely hear new names coming within the next few days since several Auburn atheletics administrators (including Jacobs) are in New York right now where The National Football Foundation is holding it’s annual events, and many coaches and AD from all over the country will be in attendance.

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