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Week 3 Predictions

Last Week: 8-5
This Week: 9-1
Overall: 23-9


UAB at Tennessee -Who would of have ever thought that Tennessee would be the last SEC team to get a win. In all fairness, they did have an off week, but the Vols’ first win comes this week against one of the worst teams in NCAA football.

Tennessee 49, UAB 10

Tennessee 35, UAB 3SUCCESS!

Rice at Vanderbilt -Vanderbilt 3-0? No…Yes! The Commodores show their true hatred for Chinese food and pull out a high-scoring affair.

Vanderbilt 31, Rice 24

Vanderbilt 38, Rice 21 SUCCESS!

Samford at Ole Miss – Ole Miss looks a little bit better than I thought they would, but they are still coached by an idiot. However, they are playing Samford…sorry Pat.

Ole Miss 48, Samford 7

Ole Miss 34, Samford 10SUCCESS!

North Texas at LSU -North Texas lost to Tulsa by 30. LSU continues to pad it’s pre-Auburn record with another cupcake and another huge win.

LSU 42, North Texas 0

LSU 41, North Texas 3SUCCESS!

Middle Tennessee at KentuckyKentucky ain’t that bad. Their defense has given up 5 points over two games….yes 5, and that includes Louisville, like that means anything anymore. Middle Tennessee is probably the best team they will have played so far though. They beat Maryland, but lost to Troy. This could and should be close.

Kentucky 28, Middle Tennessee 21

Kentucky 20, Middle Tennessee 14SUCCESS!

Georgia at South Carolina – I’m going to chalk South Carolina’s surprising loss to Vandy up to Thursday-night-away-game-on-ESPN-itis. I’d like to know the record for away teams during the Thursday night showcase on the ‘we don’t have any good NCAA teams near Bristol, CT so we only really care about NFL football network’.  The away team record has to be less than 10%. This doesn’t look good, since Auburn plays at WVU on a Thursday night. Anyway, South Carolina beat the ‘Dawgs’  last year, remember that? Remember how everybody forgot that last year just because UGA ended “hot”, which lead to the overhype we have been fed this year?  Whatever, the Gamecock crowd helps keep it close, but once again, and for some strange reason, Steve Spurrier can’t settle on a quarterback so Georgia takes this one in the second half.

Georgia 31, South Carolina 17

Georgia 14, South Carolina 7SUCCESS!

Western Kentucky at Alabama -It’s Western Kentucky…but Alabama’s offense struggles again…around 170 yards against Tulane last week, yes…definitely back.

Alabama 24, Western Kentucky 10

Alabama 41, Western Kentucky 7 SUCCESS!

Auburn at Mississippi State – Remember a few years ago when we ran a fake a field goal when we were already up a good bit against Miss. St. in Starkville? Corso just hated it and couldn’t believe it and called Tuberville classless. I’m feeling one of those. The Tigers remind Miss St. where they should and always will be. Last years slip-up is not forgotten as Trey Blackmon causes a fumble, Robert Dunn returns a punt for a TD, Chris Todd throw for at least two, and Kodi rushes for one.

Auburn 41, Mississipi State 6

Auburn 3, Mississipi State 2SUCCESS! (I was so close…)

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Michigan at Notre Dame – Boring Bowl…We Used to Be Good Bowl…Our Best Players of All Time are Dead Bowl…whatever you wanna call it. Notre Dame sucks more.

Michigan 17, Notre Dame 3

Notre Dame 35, Michigan 17 FAILURE

Ohio St. at USC – Turns out Beanie isn’t playing or is “doubtful” after all, not that it matters. Ohio St. is not good and it was shown last week. Lots of talent…yeah I think I heard them say that about Clemson.

USC 34, Ohio St. 14

USC 35, Ohio St. 3SUCCESS!

** Upset Special **

Arkansas at Texas– I’m sure Arkansas is really upset that they don’t get to play the Longhorns this week because of Hurricane Ike.

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trigger 09/12/2008 at 1:04 am

I think Vandy finished 7-5 this year making to a bowl game finally!

krisb 09/12/2008 at 7:36 am

My predictions..

Arkansas-0 Texas-0
Opelika-35 Dothan-7
Huntingdon-21 Faulkner-17


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