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The Influence of Daily Fantasy Sports to Different Sectors in Society

Fantasy sport is a new trend of entertainment combining virtual sports and technology. The number of people who become interested in playing this game increases every day as its popularity continues to rise in the sports industry.

To play the game, you need to download an app and create an account. After that, choose a professional sport and create your virtual teams consisting of real players. These teams will compete against each other, following the same rules of the actual game. It’s using a point system, and the team that has the most number of points will be the winner.

Undeniably, a lot of people are hooked with playing this game. The rapid growth of fantasy sports in the global market shows a promising impact on sports enthusiasts, the advancement of sports platforms, and the innovative app design dedicated to the industry. Hence, here’s the list of leading-edge trends in this year’s Daily Fantasy Sports.

Increasing Number of Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts

Nowadays, millions of people are playing different fantasy sports. The population of the players includes different age levels and genders. The wealthier players tend to play more than those who aren’t. People with over $50,000 income constitute 16% of the population of DFS players, and those with less than $50,000 income are part of the 10%.

Based on the Turner Broadcasting System record, North America has the most number of players today. This data includes Mexico, the United States, and Canada. About 10 million young people get hooked on this game, and 19% of adults participate in the fantasy sports community. A few women join the team, which is about 9% of the players’ total population.

Based on the report from Nielsen Scarborough, the population of fantasy sports players in the U.S. almost doubled in five years. It was about 8.3 million in the year 2012 and spiked to 15.6 million in 2017. Hence, the number of players continues to rise and might be doubled again in the next few years.

With smartphones becoming more affordable, a lot of people now have easy access to play any platform games online. Europe ranks as the second-largest market of fantasy sports. Countries with the highest number of participants include the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, and many more.

As the fantasy sports industry grows, its popularity continues to reach people worldwide. Aside from America and Europe, China, South Korea, Japan, India, and other Asian countries, and even Australia, have shown an increasing number of fantasy sports enthusiasts. Therefore, the population is still expected to rise in the upcoming years.

The Influence on Technology

Online gaming, including fantasy sports, also contributes to smartphones’ evolution. You’ll notice the swift transformation of mobile phones in the market. From the simple call-and-text features, nowadays, phones have become advanced enough to be utilized as platforms for games that were once only available in consoles.

You don’t need to use a personal computer or a console to improve your gaming experience. There are various smartphones in the market today, specifically designed for a better gaming experience.

Therefore, the advancement of smartphones significantly propelled the success of online gaming, including daily fantasy sports. However, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to these technologies. Someday, fantasy sports might advance with these innovations.

Gives Birth to New Fantasy Sports Applications

One of the contributors to the fantasy sports industry’s success is the emergence of different fantasy sports apps. The industry gives opportunities to tech-savvy individuals and other professionals in computer and technology to use their talents, skills, and passion for creating innovative fantasy sports applications.

A good app must be smart, user-friendly, interactive, and up-to-date to get along with consumer’s needs and preferences.  It must give you comfort and fun game experience. It should have features allowing players to join different leagues in public, create private leagues, check the player’s rankings, and many other app features.

Aside from the app features, the app’s visual appearance and the colors also affect the player’s experience. Today’s mobile apps are using a 3D dimension, allowing rotation and viewing of an image from all angles. It can also be zoomed in and out while keeping the image clear.

There are many fantasy sports apps that you can download anytime online. However, not all of them have the same performance quality. Other apps may not also be accessible to your device, and some require fees before use. Choose one that best fits your playing style.

Moreover, fantasy sports app companies can earn from the app in various ways. If many consumers use your app, investors will be interested in putting their money on the app’s development. On top of that, app owners may also impose a membership fee when a player creates an account.

With the development of the internet speed and the innovation of smartphone technology, the market demand for these fantasy sports apps will continue to spike in the next few years. Therefore, it’ll significantly widen the industry’s market size, reaching more people around the globe.


As the fantasy sports industry continues to soar high in the global market, it also continuously influences different sectors in society. Although fantasy sports are just a game to many, it still managed to significantly affect how the sports industry works today. Hence, if you want to start the DFS experience, try and play Fantasy Football here.

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