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Reasons why MLB is a big deal in the United States are simple

Major League Baseball games are an explosion of emotions combined with magnificent skills and speed of players that make everybody enjoy breathlessly each pitch, catch and hit. Professional players boast incredible reaction, power, speed, and stretching giving out a thrilling show that makes the heart pound. Americans consider MLB games a way to spend their leisure time in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere. They grab a favorite beverage and popcorn and come to see the breath-taking sport event in their city, cheering hard for their beloved team. This is what also do New Jersey fans. Although lacking a local MLB team, the baseball fans from New Jersey attend the games of the Yankees, Mets and Phillies that play in nearby cities, New York and Philadelphia. Baseball fans have a big choice of MLB teams that they can cheer for, predict MLB games and a variety of entertainment around for their days off from work.

The 2019-2020 season is expected to be incredibly captivating and competitive. The major rivals go at full strength to a victory in the season, backed by determination, desire and peak performance and great preparation of the players and staff. The fierce competition between the two leagues is going to continue in this season. The American League got an edge over the National League, as a team from AL East division claimed supremacy in World Series in 2018. As regards teams, the 2018 champions, Red Sox Boston have to defend their title and stay strong on their leading positions. A false step of theirs is craved for by many rivals that would benefit from their weakness, and claim the new title.

Some prominent rivalries in AL division is expected to be between Red Sox Boston and two other major teams: Huston Astros from West division and New York Yankees from East division. Yankees dominate the first half of the season, with a 40-24 record, securing indisputably a place in the playoffs. Their game against Sox will spark maximum interest with the fans, and will create a stunning atmosphere on the pitch, as it will decide on who will take the division this season. The AL West division finds Astros, the last season World Series runner up, in the first place, with a critical gap from the second place, Texas Rangers. Red Sox count on such top-performing players as: Steave Pearce and Mookie Betts, while Yankees rely on their star: Aaron Judge that challenges the team’s legend Babe Ruth, with a brilliant game over the last three seasons. Predictions put these three teams on the favorite list of winning the AL.

On the other side, National League is dominated by the defending NL champion, Los Angeles Dodgers from the west division. They reign division after the first half of the season, with an incredible 45-21 record. Pitchers Klayton Kershow and Joe Kelly together with the fielder Allen Pallock are the key players, whose brilliant performance helps the Dodgers claim most of their victories in the season. Making a prediction here is simple. Most probably the Dodgers will make the playoffs and win it leisurely for advancing in the World Series Games. Other NL teams with high chances of getting through to the 2019 postseason round are: Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs.

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