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Ranking the SEC after Week 3

Some little teams won and a big team lost, so there’s some big movement on this hallowed War Blogle Rankings… and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (3-0)

The Tide gave up 23 points to Colorado State? Do you even want the top spot in the War Blogle rankings?!

Last week: #1, beat Colorado State 41-23

2. Georgia (3-0)

The Bulldogs beat the Bulldogs. They are here by default right now.

Last week: #2, beat Samford 42-14

3. Auburn (2-1)

Much like Georgia, the Tigers are this high because of a few others losses. Top of a heap of cow manure is still the top. They are Top 3 in the SEC. Have they played like it? Not yet, really.

Last week: #4, beat Mercer 24-10

4. Mississippi State (3-0)

I don’t think the Bulldogs are 37-7 over LSU good, but they definitely surprised some folks. What will surprise folks later is how bad LSU is going to end up.

Last week: #8, beat LSU 37-7

5. Florida (1-1)

There is not a more “meh” team in the SEC, but they play in the East.

Last week: #5, beat Tennessee 26-20

6. LSU (2-1)

This is probably the highest LSU will be ranked the rest of the season unless something major happens.

Last week: #3, lost at Mississippi State 37-7

7. Texas A&M (2-1)

It’s like Texas A&M doesn’t even want to be here. You have literally everything at your disposal, and this is what you field?

Last week: #9, beat Louisiana-Lafayette 45-21

8. Kentucky (3-0)

Let’s pump the brakes on the Wildcats. They are 3-0 with a TD win over Southern Miss, they were losing in the 4th quarter to Eastern Kentucky. They beat South Carolina, but we don’t know what that means at this point.

Last week: #14, beat South Carolina 23-13

9. South Carolina (2-1)

Maybe the Gamecocks aren’t that good? Maybe they are just South Carolina. Yep, that’s probably it.

Last week: #6, lost to Kentucky 23-13

10. Vanderbilt (3-0)

Let’s pump the brakes on the Commodores. They are 3-0 with a win over Middle Tennessee, they beat Alabama A&M, and somewhat surprisingly beat Kansas State. Slow down.

Last week: #12, beat Kansas State 14-7

11. Arkansas (1-1)

I don’t know what the Hawgs are yet. How you gonna have a bye week this early? Whooped Florida A&M, got beat by TCU. So they are mediocre-ish?

Last week: #11, Bye Week

12. Tennessee (2-1)

Has there been a more under-performing team in the football in the last decade. Think about it. They’ve had like two big wins since Fulmer was fired. It’s like when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth.

Last week: #7, lost at Florida 26-20

13. Ole Miss (2-1)

Cal doesn’t care about much more than protesting and then they can beat Ole Miss in football? This is the end of the Rebs for a while.

Last week: #13, lost at Cal 27-16

14. Missouri (1-2)

A Big Ten scored 35 points on you? In your empty stadium? Get out. Seriously, get out.

Last week: #10, lost to Purdue 35-3

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