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2017 War Blogle Bracket Challenge Standings (before Sweet Sixteen)

For the first 3.5 days of the 2017 War Blogle Bracket Challenge, I sat and watched in amazement. My pseudo-upsets were actually happening. I was looking smart. I was winning the dang thing. And then Duke, my champion, lost. So yeah, I might be amongst the top few now, but it won’t last.

Here are the current standings before we get into the Sweet 16 for the non-money bracket. If you don’t see your name, click here to see where you fall.

And if you were one of the few that felt confident enough to put some hard-earned cash on the line, you can find your name here. I was legit winning both of these until South Carolina ruined my hopes and dreams. I’m sure nobody would’ve complained if I had won my own bracket challenges.

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