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Cam Newton Goes One-on-One with Jon Gruden

This segment was run on ESPN over the weekend. Since I’m sure most of you were stumbling around in cut off shorts and cowboy boots, you probably didn’t see it. Well now you can. If you’ve woken up yet.

Update (4/19): Here’s another segment that was shown over this past weekend:

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AUjamstan 04/12/2011 at 4:19 pm

Great stuff! Thanks for posting this. Gruden knows how to get right to the heady questions from his years of connecting with his players in a soulful and playful way. Definitely, not his first rodeo. These are the questions that are on Cam’s mind, CamNation’s and as well as the fans of his future NFL team. For the Panther fans that are wondering who to believe, Cam’s answers aren’t scripted, they are right from the heart. You can tell he believes every word he is saying to Gruden. The question on MY mind is how soon will he be taking snaps for the Panthers so that I can drive up the 85 to Charlotte, baby! And will he get the same protection from the front line at Carolina that he got at AU where he had time for coffee and a cigarette. Gimmee Four Ziembas! This is all assuming of course that the Panthers don’t trade down, which they probably should. Maybe the Titans will trade up to get “Vince 2.0”. War Cam!


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