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Week 9 Predictions

I have never understood percentages. I was 5-2 last week, which was higher than my overall percentage, but I went down 0.11 percentage points. Whatever.

This Week: 5-1
Last Week: 5-2
Overall: 56-20 (73.7%)


Tennessee at South Carolina – The wheels have fallen off for the Vols. The Allied Powers, I mean South Carolina, will win big.

South Carolina 41, Tennessee 17

South Carolina 38, Tennessee 24 SUCCESS!

Georgia vs. Florida – Georgia seems to be getting stronger, but that’s one thing their schedule has not been. Winning three straight is good, but when those wins are over Tennessee, Vandy, and Kentucky, it’s not really telling you much. This game will tell us exactly where these two programs are at this point in the season. If Florida loses, they are done. If UGA loses, they aren’t much better than they were at 1-4.

Florida won’t lose four in a row, and Georgia won’t win four in a row.

Florida 28, Georgia 24

Florida 34, Georgia 31 SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Mississippi State – Mississippi State almost went back down to Mississippi State last week, and Kentucky looked just like Kentucky in a big loss to Georgia. I honestly think Kentucky is the better team, and Mississippi State isn’t as good as their 6-2 record. Cats win.

Kentucky 34, Mississippi State 24

Mississippi State 24, Kentucky 17 FAILURE

Vanderbilt at Arkansas – Vanderbilt had their chance to take the lead in the East last week, but couldn’t tame the Gamecocks. They did hold them to only 21 points though. Arkansas’s defense is not really good at all, so Vandy might keep it close, but not for long.

Arkansas 41, Vanderbilt 20

Arkansas 49, Vanderbilt 14 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Missouri at Nebraska – Yeah, the Cornhuskers lost to a very, very mediocre Texas team, but I think we’re going to find out that Missouri’s win over Oklahoma last week wasn’t that special. I’m probably picking against Missouri because Auburn needs all undefeated teams to lose to stay safe at the top, but I can do that.

Nebraska 31, Missouri 28

Nebraska 31, Missouri 17 SUCCESS!

Oregon at USC – This is one of those games where you get all excited to watch and after about five minutes you change the channel because it’s already over. People want to act like the Trojans can hang with the Ducks, and will even give Oregon major credit after they beat USC, but the truth is that USC’s defense is terrible and Oregon’s offense is awesome. I don’t see this one being that close.

Oregon 48, USC 20

Oregon 53, USC 32 SUCCESS!

Twit-Fam Prediction

Auburn at Ole Miss – The twit-fam predicted a lot of points this week. In fact, one picked the Tigers to win 10,000 to 3. I had to leave that one out of the real prediction for obvious reasons, but I’ll give you both averages so you can make a good assessment of where to put your money.

With the 10,000 point prediction – Auburn 749, Ole Miss 22

Without – Auburn 38, Ole Miss 23

Auburn 51, Ole Miss 31 SUCCESS!

If you want to be a part of next week’s predictions, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll let you know when it’s time to tweet them in.

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craig 10/29/2010 at 7:51 pm

It has been a while since I did percentages, so I may be wrong, but wouldn’t you take the number of wins (5) and divide by the total number of games picked (7)? If that is correct, you had a 71.43%, which is lower than your overall average of 72.9%. That is why your overall average dropped.


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