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Week 13 Predictions

Wow, what an awful week. I previously hadn’t missed more than two games in a single week and this week missed seven total. Apparently, nothing about this week was meant to be.

This Week: 3-7
Last Week: 7-1
Overall: 98-29 (77.2%)


Alabama at Auburn – I don’t predict the Iron Bowl, but Auburn has much more of a chance than anybody is giving them.

Auburn 1, Alabama 0.

Alabama 26, Auburn 21FAILURE


Clemson at South Carolina – Clemson is ending their season in pretty strong fashion. South Carolina is ending their season the same way they have for years: terribly. Clemson is going to the ACC Championship game. South Carolina is headed to the Bowl. Do you see where I’m going here?

Clemson 37, South Carolina 20

South Carolina 34, Clemson 17FAILURE

Ole Miss at Mississippi State – Can you imagine the Iron Bowl being played at 11:21 on the SEC Network? Well that’s how much respect the Egg Bowl is getting.

The electric, pre-noon Starkville crowd will keep the Bulldogs in this one for a little while, but the SEC’s second-dumbest coach gets another win.

Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 14

Mississippi State 41, Ole Miss 27FAILURE

Florida State at Florida – Florida State’s offense is their strength, as sporadic as it may be. Florida’s defense is their strong point and should be able to stop whichever Florida State offense decides to show up.

The yawn that is Florida’s offense will wake up in the second half to give the Gators a perfect regular season record.

Florida 42, Florida State 16

Florida 37, Florida State 10 SUCCESS!

Tennessee at Kentucky – Kentucky hasn’t beaten Tennessee in 40-something years, but this could be one of the better Kentucky teams in years. Tennessee is trying to find players to replace convicts. The streak ends.

Kentucky 21, Tennessee 17

Tennessee 30, Kentucky 24FAILURE

Arkansas at LSU – LSU is favored, but everybody in the world is picking Arkansas. So am I.

Arkansas 34, LSU 21

LSU 33, Arkansas 30 FAILURE

Georgia at Georgia Tech – Georgia Tech should blow out the Dawgs, but the ACC’s best isn’t better than the middle of the SEC.

Georgia 28, Georgia Tech 21

Georgia 30, Georgia Tech 24 SUCCESS!

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Pittsburgh at West Virginia – If this tickles your fancy, you have problems, but these are two decent Big East teams.

Pittsburgh is playing for a BCS bowl, provided they beat Cincinnati next week, so they take this one.

Pittsburgh 27, West Virginia 23

West Virginia 19, Pittsburgh 16 FAILURE

Utah at BYU – Stat of the game: number of white boys on the field at one time.

Utah 30, BYU 20

BYU 26, Utah 23 FAILURE

Upset of the Week

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma – When is the last time this was an upset? It doesn’t matter. It is this year.

Oklahoma 31, Oklahoma State 28

Oklahoma 27,  Oklahoma State 0SUCCESS!

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