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Basketball Live Blog During Halftime Tonight!

Given my passion for Auburn basketball, it is very strange that I haven’t done a single blog about basketball all season. I think it’s out of fear that our current semi-success will be jinxed if I talk about it, or it may be out of fear that Korvotney Barber will come and slam dunk my head down my neck, because for some reason Auburn basketball is the only sport that I am ok with brutally lambasting the players. However, there hasn’t been much of that lately because we actually run plays, make shots, and look like a real baskbetball team. Ok, I better shutup before Tay Waller trips down the stairs through the crowd of 90,000 filing in to Coleman Coliseum. You know they’re getting “their” trophy back tonight right? Be prepared for 87 replays of Saint Lucifer in the second half of tonight’s game (8 CT, ESPN), especially if the Tahd is keeping it close or, God forbid, leading. Tonight scares me.

Anyway, I will be holding a free, public, Live Blog tonight during halftime. Come and join us and talk about anything basketball related. And for some people we might even include American Idol, Mamma Mia, or our favorite Paula Dean recipe chat. Come back at 8:45-8:55ish CT and we will chat until around 9:20 CT or whenever the second half starts. Tell your friends!

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willheath 03/03/2009 at 10:13 pm

Well-done, guys — lot of heart shown by your side tonight. I hope to God ‘Bama can find a coach who has a clue this offseason, and maybe then we’ll have a little more fun down the road.


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