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Auburn Hits Four Straight Half-Court Shots Prior to Beating Texas A&M

If you get to an Auburn basketball game early enough to watch the shoot-arounds, you have likely seen Aden Holloway hit a half-court shot before he goes into the locker room. You may also see KD Johnson hit a shot in the corner from behind the basket. So now it’s become a thing.

Prior to Auburn’s win over Texas A&M this past Tuesday, Chad Baker-Mazara decided to try his hand at it. He made it. Almost immediately, Tre Donaldson stepped up and hit another one. Then KD Johnson stepped up. Drained it. And as he’s done what he’s done for every pregame I’ve seen, Aden Holloway hit his customary half-court shot. That was four in a row. That’s legit. This team can shoot.


can you say “holy smokes?”

♬ original sound – Auburn Basketball

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