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The ‘Teach Me How to Lutzie’ Contest Results

After more than a month of having “Lutzie, Lutzie, Lutzie” crammed down your throats, the ‘Teach Me How to Lutzie’ contest is finally complete. Only three (THREE!) votes separated the top two contenders, and it came down to the wire due to the poll not closing at midnight like it should have. However, in the end the video that lead most of the way came out on top. There are no losers in any contest; only people who win prizes and people who get nothing. Here are the results:

1st place: AUMB Trumpet Section (32%, 556 votes) – Auburn Grill Topper Apron
How an entire section of trumpet players are going to share/wear one apron, I have no clue.

2nd Place: @jmeans23970 (31%, 553 votes) – “God and Football” by Chad Gibbs
(swapped 2nd prize for 3rd, much to the delight of Chad Gibbs)

3rd Place: @Kornema (10%, 168 votes) – Auburn Grill Topper

Now the only question is if I will actually send these prizes to the winners. If you have no idea why that’s a question, you should follow me on Twitter. I am apparently without integrity, honor, and truthfulness. Oh, I’m also not an Auburn man. Anyway…

Seriously though, thanks to everyone that participated. You made this contest. You made this blog. You made my life. <single tear>.

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