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Interesting Tidbits before Tennessee (Midweek Edition)

I was noticing a lot of interesting things around the internet today regarding the Tigers, the Vols, and a few recruits. I figured I’d do the dirty work for you and put them all in one place. That’s right. You are welcome.

  • You may have heard, but it seems that Tennessee is trying to tell Auburn that “for safety reasons” they won’t allow Tiger Walk outside Neyland Stadium. They claim that in 2004, the crowd at Tiger Walk was too large for EMTs to promptly respond if some sort of tragedy had happened. Sounds like what they are scared of is a nice 2004 (34-10) butt whooping and will do their best to disallow the recurrence of anything that happened that night. Sorry guys, there will be a Tiger Walk. Try to stop us. Auburn fans I implore you to FIGHT THE POWER!
    **An update on this situation: fans can greet the players, but the band and the cheerleaders will not be allowed to participate. What is this…Nazi Germany?
  • In other absolutely crazy news, the unthinkable has happened. Nick Saban has lost a recruit to Auburn. Repeat: Nick Saban has lost a recruit to Auburn. Not just a recruit, but a verbal commitment. Craig Sanders, a 4-star defensive end from Ariton, AL, has de-committed from the University of Alabama and has switched his “allegiance” to Auburn. Someone please check that the Earth is still spinning, things like this DO NOT happen. Oh, and if you want a laugh, look here. They don’t care, they didn’t need him anyway.
  • In other recruiting news (dang it, I feel like a Bammer), has Auburn’s 2010 recruiting class ranked #12. Don’t buy into this though. Sabantastic will steal all of these recruits by National Signing Day. Woe Eagle.
  • Some people think an Auburn victory this week would be an upset. I’m not being cocky yet, but I think that regardless who wins, there will be no upset, unless you’re totally going by Vegas. But then again, a 2 point underdog winning isn’t an upset is it?
  • Chizik has already beaten Kiffin once. Remember Texas 41, USC 38?
  • Tennessee fans are dying to see a win.
  • In some baseball related news, Auburn has announced their lineup for the Annual Celebrity Homerun Derby. The lineup is pretty amazing. I am now convinced that Bo Jackson hated Tommy Tuberville. During the Tuberville regime, he was on campus maybe once a year for an in-game introduction. Now you can’t get him off campus to save his life, which I prefer. Bring it on Bo.

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leroyjenkins 09/30/2009 at 7:39 pm

I’m guess Sanders gets randomly reduced to a 3 star by rivals now..


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